"...it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law"

Unversal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948

Welcome to the Domain of

King Richard IV

This is my web address - the only address that Iím reasonably sure of for the months ahead.

In June 2013, I wrote to Queen Elizabeth II claiming my own throne in Britain. Exasperated by ruinous ill-treatment and betrayal over many years, I finally snapped: "If sovereignty comes from the people, I want mine back".

The title King Richard IV seems right - a lesser title would not impart the restoration of sovereignty that I seek, and three others of that name have exercised that rank before me. But all I want is a quiet, private Kingdom doing nobody else any harm, my own one-person state territorially overlapping the United Kingdom's island of Great Britain, claiming no overall right to it beyond my fair share and unhindered passage through.

Maybe one day you will be king or queen too - Britain, and the whole world, could be far happier if more people declared their political independence - and it all starts here...

Take Control!

If you forward, Like, retweet or donate a little, you strengthen my battle against illegitimacy in government. Do nothing and you help misgoverment by doing precisely what they want. So you do make a choice - even if you disliked my plans it's between the lesser of two evils. If so, decide: which one of the two of us have you the more to fear from right now?

My fight may not be your exact fight: but surely it's a new front against a common enemy? That may not be worth abandoning your fight for: but surely it is worth the price of a coffee, or just the time it takes to gulp a cup's dregs?

Forwarding is the most helpful thing you can do - even if it's just to mock.

In human psychology, if a behaviour proves damaging the sane will ultimately desist from it, even if otherwise normal or beneficial. Some kind of perverted "aversion therapy", could teach a person not to smile, or not to consider others.

We have been taught not to hope. We have been taught not to expect honesty from government, courts and the media. We have learned that expecting it will only set up disappointment and that seeking it will only expend energy and bring about humiliation.

That is how they keep us under control.

The standard political panaceas founded in the nineteenth century or earlier have had their time and haven't worked. Rather than give up we need to revive and work on what can be achieved now, taking honesty in government, fidelity to covenants, and humanitarianism, as the grounds for change. Abandon that fight while the battle-plans are still being drawn up and it will strengthen those committed to dishonesty, infidelity and inhumanity in government. So stick around, at least for the preliminary skirmishes!

Coming Next Week:

The Palace's reply (or if not: my full claim becomes activated). Call back soon to see the story unfurl!

Making politicians honest is only half the job; making them keen is the other. Aren't monopoly utility services improved by a competitor - even if you don't yourself switch? Wouldn't your sovereignty supplier work also harder with a rival in the wings? Why not incentivize your state to do better by supporting me for King (even worldwide)? With your backing, just by being there I'll reinvigorate their performance - even if I never got beyond the monarchy first reserves.

Update August 2014: This site has not been updated since June 2013 and is now maintained mainly for archival purposes. My new Claim to Companies House / HMRC (PDF, 200K, August 2014) is now available and may also be a more definitive statement; although I haven't time to check and compare.